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First wooden Inn owned by the Tyc family was opened in 1894. Beskid Hotel celebrated its grand opening on August 1, 1939. Shortly after, hotel founder, Edward Tyc joined the Polish Army to defend the country. During second Warld War, hotel was occupied by the German army, and later it was taken over and completely demolished by the Soviet Red Army. In 1945, after complete general renovation Beskid was re-opened again. Unfortunately, Edward Tyc was soon arrested by the communist police which illegaly took over the hotel. In 1985 after a lawsuit, Beskid Hotel was finally returned to its righteous owners. Ever since, Beskid welcomes tourists from all over the World and charms them with its historic look and delicious local cusine. Beskid has served many famous people; the most famous of them was President of Poland, Solidarity movement leader, Lech Wałęsa.